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The Budak's Family Session

Here is a sneak peek of a The Budak's Family Hot Cocoa Session! Lots of marshmallows and candy canes made for awesome bribery and yummy treats! And just look at her dress, I mean come on!!! Is that not perfect?! Way to go, Mom!

I just have to say, Christine is a long time friend of mine who was a huge support system when I had my 1st child. Although we didn't like each other in middle school, probably because we were so much alike, she is a big reason I kept my sanity during those 1st weeks of adjusting to parenthood. Our kids are only 1 week apart. I'll never forget when she asked me how labor and delivery went since I went into labor 1st--I didn't have the heart to tell her how brutal it was, but she forced it out of me! We bonded over feedings, sleepless nights, food cravings and tears. Fast forward to today, when I had the privilege of photographing her beautiful family. Because of our bond, this session was near and dear to me and I truly enjoyed spending time them. Here is a sneak peek of her family session!

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