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Baby Teddy at East End Loft

My sweet BFF, Stephanie (you too, Tricia), gave birth to her little boy a few weeks ago and they named him Theodore (Teddy). I finally met him, held him, cuddled him, sniffed him then contemplated sprinting away with him as fast as I could and never looking back. I mean, Steph did just have a baby, how fast could she run to catch me, ya know?

Anyways, that's not the type of BFF I am. Instead, I took adorable photos of this little red headed munchkin for him and his family to cherish forever. He was an absolute angel, just like me, but I have to say I am not sure where he came from because he comes from a family of brunettes, brown eyes and olive skin tones. He is absolutely perfection just like his brother and sister. And although Stephanie had no intention of being photographed, she looked absolutely gorgeous as always. Also, I couldn't be prouder that she advocated and encouraged sharing her intimate breast feeding photograph. What an incredible woman you are, Steph. John is a lucky man!

So let's take a moment and gush over this delicious little man at my brand new studio in Pittsburgh, East End Loft. . Welcome to the world, Teddy!

If you are interested in a studio our outdoor session, you can check out my website!

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