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Amelia's Sneak Peek

Amelia...Amelia...Amelia...she is all I hear about when she comes over to babysit our boys. Amelia has been our boys' babysitter since we moved to Bethel Park in 2018 and our boys absolutely adore her, as do I. I always say, if I knew she lived down the street, we would have offered more for the house!

Not only is she beautiful, but she is the most modest, sweetest and charismatic high school student I know. I can't get over how her generation looks so darn AMAZING! I mean, when I was her age I looked like a mop. Show of hands who can relate to this?? I see you there in the back! I had thick bangs and stringy straight hair, I wore baggy clothes or a soccer t-shirt with sweats, used dove soap for skincare and makeup that was at least 8 years old and smelled funky. She put this outfit together, curled her hair last minute and nailed it.

I think it is safe to say that when she is a graduating senior, her Mom and Dad won't be the only ones crying as they wave goodbye when she begins her next chapter of life. Just look at this beauty...effortlessly stunning and a true pleasure to photograph and personally know.

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