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Stephanie's Maternity Session at Studio 618

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

That my best friend--she a real bad B! That's right--this beauty right here is my ride or die BFF (you are too, Tricia, and if you are reading this, which you better be...let's all get together over winter break, k?) I took her maternity photos at my new studio rental, Studio 618, which is located near Bakery Square on the East End of Pittsburgh.

Let's start at the beginning of this pregnancy news and rewind to a beautiful summer day. I was at Lake Erie on a hillside talking to a few friends when my phone rings. It was my sweet Stephanie, but at the time I was in deep conversation probably involving food or reality television so I didn't answer... and then she called again. SHE NEVER CALLS TWICE IN A ROW, unlike me, who expects everyone to drop what they are doing and focus on my life, Stephanie is NOT like that. I knew in that moment I had to step away from my deep reality TV conversation and answer the phone to make sure she wasn't kidnapped and trying to give me code words.

Steph: I'm f"ing pregnant.

Me: No f'ing way.

And that, my friends, is how it went down! Both of her kids are the cutest so I can't wait to see this handsome lil fellow and take picture of him soon. Now let's take a look at this gorgeous and intelligent Italian goddess who doesn't a real bad B, Steph.

Disclaimer: These are not labor pains--just as laughing at God knows what!

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